Louise Ward—Artist


Zed is a formidable letter and it returns us to the A... the Zed of the fly... it is perhaps the elemental movement that precided over the creation of the world... when I invoke the zigzag it is about there being no universals but rather assemblages of singularities... The question is how to bring disparate singularities into relationships or into potentials... The origin of the world always begins with a dark precursor that noones sees, and then the lightning that illuminates, and that is the world. That’s also what thought must be, and what philosophy must be: the grand Z...

Gilles Deleuze From A to Z interviews with Claire Parnet, filmed by Pierre-André Boutang 1988-89. 

Writing about my paintings

Sources for beginning a painting range from anatomical diagrams, screenshots and mapping to abstract mark-making that is improvised and cathartic.  I develop a conversation with each work over time, starting out with a shape that I’m comfortable with and giving form to a message that often surprises me as it comes to light - this can be psychological, political, philosophical or social and can be interpreted in multiple ways; for me, it is usually related to the body, the mind, healing, how one interacts with others, in family, in society, online.  I consider my language to be feminine, meditative and active, occupying a space that demands attention, competing with the bold colours of LED screens, simultaneously offering a rest from technology.  A handmade personal painting (PP), intentionally similar in scale to a laptop; when one connects with a painting it can mirror a part of themselves, forming a subtle connection between the maker and the viewer.

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